|  Les Longbois in the commune of Volnay, situated in the lower part of the village.


|  19,82 ares.


|  Bright, clear and intense colour with an explosion of black and red berries on the nose (strawberry, cherry, blackcurrant, blueberry).In its youth, this wine give the impression of biting into a handful of fresh, juicy grapes.A Bourgogne Rouge with a lively, sappy, well-structured palate and a smooth, round backbone. The tannins and fruit are perfectly balanced. A fleshy style with plenty of volume.

Our sommelier’s recommendations

|  An elegant and refined Bourgogne Pinot Noir with a fluid structure and delicate mouthfeel.It makes the ideal partner for delicately flavoured dishes such as cold vegetables and salads, meat pies, poultry dishes and stews.

Serving temperature

|  12 to 14°C in its youth or 14 to 16°C with bottle age.

Ageing potential

|  Enjoy this fruity red in its youth or keep in the cellar for up to 4 or 5 years.