|  In the Middle Ages, le Meix referred to a set of buildings located within a large agricultural holding.


|  Our monopoly is located in the centre of the village.


|  1,36 hectares.


|  This wine is bright ruby in its youth and develops a deep carmine, black cherry hue with bottle age. It initially discloses notes of strawberry, blackberry and violet, which evolve towards liquorice, leather and animal fur combined with notes of game and undergrowth after a few years in the bottle. The palate is decidedly Burgundian in style with a rich, round body and good structure. It has a solid backbone underpinned by delicate, well-honed, velvety tannins. Whilst a pure, fruity pleasure to drink in its youth, this wine also evolves remarkably well with bottle age.

Our sommelier’s recommendations

|  Its distinct style and solid structure make it an excellent choice for a variety of meats including fibrous cuts of beef, braised veal, poultry stews and roast farm-bred chicken. Sauce-based offal dishes and wildfowl are also a good match for its smooth tannic structure. Its fleshy palate will soften spicy meats and curries and balance out the strength of strong-flavored antipasti and marinated vegetables.

Serving temperature

|  Between 15 and 17°C.

Ageing potential

|  Between 10 and 12 years, depending on the vintage.