| This wine pays tribute to Armande Douhairet, fondly known as the ‘MISS’.


|  Made from a blend of several Monthelie village classified parcels situated in the Les Plantes and Les Longène lieux-dits.


|  82,23 ares.


|  Just like ‘MISS ARMANDE’ herself! Smooth with delicate tannins and a very rich character. Bright in colour with deep purple and mauve tints and a nose dominated by aromas of red berries (raspberry, morello cherry), blackberry and a touch of liquorice. It develops notes of strawberry jam, gingerbread, game and leather with bottle age. The direct, well-structured and elegant tannins leave a smooth, fleshy mouthfeel and intense fruity notes on the finish.

Our sommelier’s recommendations

|  Monthelie is a very approachable, subtle and elegant Burgundy with a delicate tannic backbone. Its seductive and fluid structure means that it doesn’t overpower well-balanced and harmonious dishes. Its tannins work well with rich meats, roast poultry (both fillet and leg meats), lamb and rabbit as well as offal including sweetbreads, liver and grilled andouillettes. Monthelie also makes a good choice for summer dishes such as tabouleh, barbecued meats and charcuterie. Some may even choose to serve it with a pike fillet or tuna in red wine sauce. Enjoyable with cheeses such as Brie de Meaux, Brillat-Savarin and Reblochon.

Serving temperature

|  Between 12 and 13°C in its youth and 15 to 16°C with bottle age.

Ageing potential

|  At its best aged between 3 and 5 years, although some vintages can keep for 8 to 10 years.