|  Fremiers is derived from the old French term ‘fremyer’ meaning firm or solid.


|  Bordering Volnay (Volnay Fremiets).


|  19,40 ares.


|  It’s time to put your preconceptions to one side as this Pommard is far-removed from its reputation of being a direct and virile wine. In reality, the terroirs, vinification and ageing processes lend it an exceptionally subtle and sensitive style. Les Fremiers combines the honed structure of a Pommard with the elegance and finesse of a Volnay. It offers a deep yet delicate magenta hue and notes of blackcurrant, raspberry and morello cherry on the nose. With age it develops aromas of leather, animal fur and humus. In the words of Victor Hugo: ‘This is the battle between day and night!’.

Our sommelier’s recommendations

|  Best served with meats due to the power of its tannins and the complexity of its aromas. Its smooth, seductive palate works particularly well with roast or stuffed poultry or braised, roast or sauce-based wildfowl. Mature cheeses such as Livarot, Brillat-Savarin, Cîteaux and Brie de Meaux are a good match for its rich texture.

Serving temperature

|  14 to 17°C.

Ageing potential

|  Reaches its full potential after 6 to 8 years in the bottle and can be kept for 15 years or more, depending on the vintage.