|  ‘Champans’ simply refers to a field with a slope.


|  The continuation of Les Caillerets. An east and south-east facing parcel with shallow, stony soils.


|  59,15 ares.


|  Reputed for its finesse, sap and elegant bouquet, Volnay is arguably the most feminine of all the red Burgundies. Les Champans is a touch more powerful than its reputation would have you believe, although this Côte-de-Beaune still coats the palate seductively with its elegant texture. Bright ruby, light garnet in colour, it releases aromas of violet, red currant and cherry which evolve towards notes of spice, game and cooked prunes with bottle age. Its concentration and complexity remain subtle and delicate. The direct and open palate allows its aromas to be appreciated even in its youth. With its fresh attack and warm finish, it gives one the impression of biting into a bunch of fresh, ripe grapes.

Our sommelier’s recommendations

|  Its velvety smooth texture and intense aromas make it well-suited to elegant, refined dishes.

Serving temperature

|  16 to 18°C.

Ageing potential

|  Reaches its full potential after 6 years of age and can be kept for 10 years or more, depending on the vintage.