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20 July 2017
catalidna & vincent

Cataldina & Vincent: the Domain’s new generation!

Since 2014, Cataldina Lippo & Vincent Monfort have officially become managers of Domaine Monthelie Douhairet Porcheret, proud heirs of a vineyard created 300 years ago, and long run by Cataldina’s grandfather André Porcheret, former manager of the Hospices de Beaune. Discover here a portrait of Cataldina & Vincent published in February 2017 in the newspaper.

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20 July 2017
Miss Armande Douhairet

“Miss Armande”: we miss a great Lady of Burgundy…

April 2004: after 98 years of an exceptional life, “Miss” Armande Douhairet has gone… Beyond our Domaine Monthelie-Douhairet-Porcheret, her death has marked the whole “wine world” of Burgundy, as the “Miss” was appreciated and respected. Today, Cataldina & Vincent are the witnesses of her legacy, and are committed to being faithful to the values ​​of work, demand and humanity instilled by Armande Douhairet. Find here a press article describing the main steps of the wonderful life of “Miss Armande”.

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18 July 2017
Tonneaux Carrés André Porcheret

André Porcheret’s “square barrels”…!

While he was manager of the Hospices de Beaune, Andre Porcheret proposed a big challenge to the barrel maker company “Francois” of Saint-Romain: make square barrels!

Find the press article from Le Bien Public, which relates this original and unusual experience, proving all the artisanal expertise and the spirit of innovation shared by both partners.

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